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Lost all car info
Posted by gzajorge   •   Friday, 2014-January-10
Hello I updated to the app and lost all my cars and their info! I tried to revert to previous and restored my iPhone and no luck. Is there a backup somewhere? I spent a substantial amount of time entering all my services. I love the app and purchased a new car so I would like to add to the info I already entered. Thanks in advance!


Lost Info
Posted by jgavin   •   Sunday, 2013-November-17
Hey Madcoder, let me start by telling you I love your app, recently though I lost all my Dailey log info for the previous month. Can you help?


iPad problems
Posted by frankgrana   •   Wednesday, 2013-October-09
I load the full version on to my pad and I can not add a car


Posted by tfk614   •   Saturday, 2013-October-05
Info not showing on IPad. All is showing ok on iphone


Expense Report
Posted by Gregp   •   Friday, 2013-May-24
I love the app, I use it for tracking mileage for work. It might be another way to market this just in case you haven't thought of that. I would love to see the app be able to show total miles logged per trip as well as total miles. This way (in my case) it will show business miles as well as personal miles. If you could have the app add the trip miles up that would be a great business app for you. Thanks, Greg


AutoLog no longer works
Posted by Tjp   •   Sunday, 2013-April-07
For some reason AutoLog no longer works on my iPad. All of the data I had is still there but I cannot update it, nor can I add new vehicles. I have a great deal of time and effort invested in AutoLog and I am extremely unhappy.


AutoLog LE v1.9 Approved
Posted by madcoderjj   •   Wednesday, 2013-March-27
The new release of AutoLog LE was just approved and released. This version corrects the crashes that occurred when exiting a screen and trying to return to a previous screen.

The App should be stable once again. I am very sorry that everyone needed to experience these crashes for so long.

Kind Regards,
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