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Restoring Autolog after iPod Subscribe to comments to this posting
Posted by marshunda   •   Wednesday, 2011-December-28
Hello, I am needing to reset my iPod Touch to the default settings. I have backed up my autolog. Will I be able to restore my backup after i reset my ipod since (as far as I can tell) no autolog file is being stored on my computer? I see the option to restore within the Autolog app, but will I be able to retrieve it after the iPod reset? Thanks
  1. madcoderjj wrote on 2012-January-01 13:53:19:
    Hello, You have two options for restore. The first is to restore the backup as you detailed in your note above. The second is to use the AutoLog backup / restore feature coupled with the iTunes share. It's a good idea to periodically make a backup using the built in function, just to be safe. http://www.madcoderjj.com/autolog-manual-is-br.html Kind Regards, JJ
  2. marshunda wrote on 2012-April-17 21:48:33:
    Hello and Thank you. Sorry this is coming to you so late, but I have tried the above to no avail :( I think the problem is that my iPod Touch is 2nd generation and the last OS update is OS 4.2.1. I have tried all the above that you have suggested. So the last backup that I did was in late November, but Autolog will not even load to my iPod Touch. I tell iTunes to sync it, but when syncing is complete, it is not loaded. Is there someway that you can send me a version that is compatible with 4.2.1? Thank you most graciously.
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