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Posted by Chofman   •   Tuesday, 2012-June-05
How do I move my car from the LE version to the full version?
  1. madcoderjj wrote on 2012-June-06 20:47:15:
    1) Using the Lite version make a backup of your database (reference the backup/restore procedure if you need details of how to do this. http://www.madcoderjj.com/autolog-manual-is-br.html).

    2) You will need to copy this backup file to your desktop system using iTunes file sharing (reference this section of the manual for the details. http://www.madcoderjj.com/autolog-manual-is-fs.html).

    3) While you are connected to your system to use the iTunes file sharing, you will see both AutoLog and AutoLog LE (or myPetCare & myPetCare LE). After you copy (drag) the backup file to your desktop, you can then select the full version of the app and drag the backup right back. this will transfer this backup file from the Lite version to the full version.

    4) Launch the full version of the app and use the restore backup function to load this database into the app.

    This sounds like a lot, but it's really pretty straight forward. I'm working on direct transfer options that will allow you to transfer the backup files between devices without having to use your desktop and iTunes. However, for now this is the only option. This process is also how you should make an additional backup of your data from time to time that is out side of the normal iTunes backup. So every once in a while while you're connected to iTunes you might want to drag a backup to your desktop or some other folder. This way if your iTunes backup turns out to be corrupted, you will still have a copy of your data.

    If you have additional questions, please feel free to send me a note using the support email.

    Kind Regards,
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