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Posted by Linco   •   Monday, 2013-February-18
I am playing with MyPetCare and am impressed. One annoyance I found was that I couldn't add multiple entries. For example, under Food - I feed one brand of wet and another of dry, yet I can only enter one of them? Is there a way around that?
  1. madcoderjj wrote on 2013-February-19 23:05:52:
    Currently there is not a formal workaround to this issue, but it does sound like a good enhancement for the App. I don't limit the amount of text that may be entered, so you could possibly list the two different foods side by side. Although this isn't a great solution.

    Kind Regards,
  2. Linco wrote on 2013-February-19 23:24:02:
    Thanks JJ. I had thought of that and will do it. As I have multiple dogs that share some but not all foods, I would be in favor of being able to make multiple entries in the future, if you wanted to add that someday, Lin
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