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Posted by madcoderjj   •   Wednesday, 2013-March-27
The new release of AutoLog LE was just approved and released. This version corrects the crashes that occurred when exiting a screen and trying to return to a previous screen.

The App should be stable once again. I am very sorry that everyone needed to experience these crashes for so long.

Kind Regards,
  1. Tacook wrote on 2013-March-27 21:33:07:
    I tried out LE version and enjoyed it. Bought full version. Is it possible to import le data to new version? Ugghh re entering data will suck Thanks
  2. madcoderjj wrote on 2013-March-27 21:45:20:
    I am happy that you are enjoying AutoLog. It is possible, but it takes a couple of steps at this point. I am working to make the process easier and hopefully seamless.

    For now you must:
    1) launch AutoLog LE and make a backup of your DB;
    2) connect to your computer and launch itunes;
    3) select AutoLog LE copy this backup file to your desktop (or desired folder);
    4) select AutoLog and copy the backup file to it;
    5) launch AutoLog and restore the backup file.

    These are the high-level steps. Please see the online manual for the details.

    Review the backup / restore functions: http://www.madcoderjj.com/autolog-manual-is-br.html

    Then review the iTunes file sharing steps: http://www.madcoderjj.com/autolog-manual-is-fs.html

    If you have additional questions, please be sure to ask. Also it's a good idea to make backups of your data to you desktop from time to time to be extra safe.

    Kind Regards,
  3. Tacook wrote on 2013-March-27 23:33:47:
    Easy enough, thanks for the How-To.
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