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Posted by gzajorge   •   Friday, 2014-January-10
Hello I updated to the app and lost all my cars and their info! I tried to revert to previous and restored my iPhone and no luck. Is there a backup somewhere? I spent a substantial amount of time entering all my services. I love the app and purchased a new car so I would like to add to the info I already entered. Thanks in advance!
  1. madcoderjj wrote on 2014-January-18 18:12:29:

    This is very concerning. I have not any database changes to the App in the last few releases. Therefore an update should not have had this kind of negative impact. Anyway, the point is to hopefully recover your data.

    Assuming that your iPhone backup was made before this issue, restoring the backup should have recovered your data. The App has backup and restore features, but they are manual. So if you are not making backups then there would not be one around to restore. Based upon your question, I will assume that you did not know of this feature and did not make any backups.

    So the only option will be iTunes. iTunes keeps several backups and you can select an older backup. One of the older backups may have your data still. There are also tools that can access the iTunes backups and allow you to extract an App and/or just the App's data, which might help. If you need additional detail on any of these options, please contact me using the support e-mail and I will do my best to assist you.
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