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Sorry Everyone!
Posted by madcoderjj   •   Saturday, 2012-December-01
Dear AutoLog and myPetCare users,

I just released new versions of these app in order to correct crashes caused by the iOS 6 upgrades. In my rush I broke the "Choose" option that allows you to select previously entered data rather than having to retype this information.

Thankfully a user instantly found this bug after installing the update and reported it to me. I just now submitted new versions of these apps to Apple for review. The review process usually takes about one week.

I am very sorry for this error and for the inconvenience that it will cause you until the update is available.

Kind Regards,


pre purchase question
Posted by chrisbogy   •   Wednesday, 2012-November-21
I'm looking for a new vehicle maintenance app to replace my current app Gas Cubby. The developer hasn't supplied any updates or enhancements in years and frankly at this point the app is lacking compared to the competition. Here's my potential issue; I have 5 years of fuel & service records for my car and 1 year for my motorcycle stored in this app! I'd hate to loose that data or have to reenter it by hand into a new app. Would it be possible to import the information from a spreadsheet or some other file format? Thanks! Chris


Enhancement ideas
Posted by Tshopd3mol   •   Sunday, 2012-October-07
1. Add the ability to make custom entry on edit car screen. For instance I have a certain transmission in my vehicle that is based on the serial number of the transmission. It would be nice to add my own field and enter that number. 2. You really need to have the ability to calculate miles per gallon since you ask for miles and gallons on the service page. I don't feel making a trip is really the way to do it it should be automatically calculated. 3. It would be nice to set a reminder based on service intervals. For example if I am entering in my oil change data it would be nice to have it remind me that I am close to my miles or date interval. Now that would be so helpful.


Possible bug on monthly fuel costs report
Posted by Tshopd3mol   •   Sunday, 2012-October-07
So I got auto log in may or June. I have been entering in data for my service each month and I decided to run a report for monthly fuel costs. Keep in mind I only have data from may to october. When I run the report it shows the data that is for may as January and so on. It is easy to test and I suspect easy to fix as it does not appear to be calculating the actual month correctly. It shows no data for the actual month.


When All Else Fails, Read the Manual...
Posted by madcoderjj   •   Wednesday, 2012-August-29
I pride myself with making every effort to answer any questions that folks send to me as quickly as possible. In addition, I give serious consideration to every suggestion submitted to me. And finally I read each review that is submitted via the app store.

It is these reviews that can be most challenging since some folks are rather unforgiving. I donít mind their criticism since this helps me see things from a new perspective and hopefully ultimately improve my apps.

But I really go crazy when someone gives a particularly harsh review and/or low rating complaining about functionality that is missing, when the problem is that they just didnít take the time to look at the manual on this website. It takes a lot of extra time and effort, that I could spend developing apps, to provide this online resource.

I especially love when someone complains about having to reenter all of their data when moving from the LE version to the full version when they expected the backup function to manage this for them. Well guess what? It does!

So I would ask that before you drive a spike through my heart, try reading the manual. Or at least take the initiative to e-mail me and ask if thereís a way to do what you want to do.



LE Version to full version
Posted by Chofman   •   Tuesday, 2012-June-05
How do I move my car from the LE version to the full version?


Latest Version Approved Earlier
Posted by madcoderjj   •   Monday, 2012-May-07
The latest version of AutoLog & AutoLog LE were approved earlier by Apple. Finally usable reports for everyone. I knew that the reporting feature needed some care and feeding. However, when I start the update work I quickly discovered that the old reports were very sad.

Sorry to all users for this. But now I hope everyone likes the new reporting features.

I also added some bar charts as well.

Kind Regards,

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