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Restoring Autolog after iPod
Posted by marshunda   •   Wednesday, 2011-December-28
Hello, I am needing to reset my iPod Touch to the default settings. I have backed up my autolog. Will I be able to restore my backup after i reset my ipod since (as far as I can tell) no autolog file is being stored on my computer? I see the option to restore within the Autolog app, but will I be able to retrieve it after the iPod reset? Thanks


Fixed the bug I created...
Posted by madcoderjj   •   Sunday, 2011-December-18
Submitted AutoLog v1.10.1 and AutoLogLE v1.1.1 last night. Adding a new Service entry will once again update the car's mileage.


AutoLog v1.10 and AutoLog LE v1.1
Posted by madcoderjj   •   Saturday, 2011-December-17
Sorry Everyone, I just discovered that I broke the mileage update function in these versions of AutoLog. Currently when you add Service entries the car mileage is not updated automatically. This will be fixed in the next release, which will be available soon.


Sync Feature
Posted by ccrawford9096   •   Sunday, 2011-December-04
I recently purchased the autolog app. How come the app does not sync between iPad/iPhone etc. in the description it says it does... This would be very beneficial for data entry and recording.
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