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Posted by Tbone.davis   •   Monday, 2012-January-16
I just downloaded the auto log app and when I go to retrieve the trip report it boots me out of the app. Help..
  1. madcoderjj wrote on 2012-January-17 08:52:59:
    Hello, please contact me via the support@madcoderjj.com account (link at bottom of this page) so that we can exchange more detail about the issue that you are experiencing with the app.

    This will allow me to try and reproduce the error that you are experiencing and fix the the problem if we determine it is a bug in the app.

    Thanks for your assistance and feedback!
  2. madcoderjj wrote on 2012-January-17 09:36:18:
    Hello again,

    You may disregard my previous request. I was able to reproduce the error and I found the bug in the report.

    There is a summary table that is generated for the report and when I get the minimum date I used the service table rather than the trips table. If there are no service records the app crashes.

    I am finalizing a release that will be available in a week or two and this fix will now be included.

    Until that time if you add one service record, even if you don't enter any data into this record, the app won't crash on you.

    I am very sorry for this error, but thank you for reporting it to me so that I could fix it!

    Kind Regards,
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