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  • myPetCare

    iOS Paid App

    myPetCare is a versatile app designed with the pet lover in mind. Yet, it is an essential app for anyone interested in keeping detailed health records for their pets.

  • myPetCareLE

    iOS Free App

    Not sure if myPetCare is right for you? Try the Lite version, it's free and has all of the functionality of it's big sister, except that it only supports one pet. When you are ready to manage multiple pets you may purchase myPetCare and transfer your data in a few easy steps.

"The easiest way to manage your pet's health care."

If you are tired of searching endlessly for your pet's medical records and history, then myPetCare is the app for you!

Now this information can be with you at all times, right in your pocket. Just a few quick taps creates useful data that is simple to maintain. No more forgetting to when their next vet visit is due or when their last vaccination was. These answers will be found at the tip of your fingers.

myPetCare App Design

myPetCare is designed to simplify the task of managing all health care related information for your pets. It does this by allowing you to create an entry for each pet that you would like to manage and then enter the health related data for that pet.

The app was designed primarily to simplied the recording and tracking of all of your pet's health related information. It also allows you to keep this information at your finger tips for quick reference when answering any health related questions about your pet.

You are free to manage pets as you like because myPetCare is designed to be flexible. You may track as much or as little information about your pet as you feel necessary.

myPetCare Key Features

  • Supports multiple pets - basically unlimited number of pets.
  • E-mail pet data to your health care provider.
  • Record providers / medications, vaccinations, and events (separately for each pet).
  • Record health data separately for each pet.
  • Automatically saves active settings on exit and reloads them on the next launch.
  • Swipe delete for all entry types, pets, providers and events.
  • Numeric data can be entered number pads or using data pickers.
  • All text data may be entered or selected from optional popup picker.
  • All pet data stored in a SQLite3 database.
  • The database can be backed up and/or shared with other iOS devices.
  • Plus many other features in development for future releases!

Getting Started, First Steps

  1. In order to begin using myPetCare, you must add at least one pet.
  2. The new pet is automatically saved to the database.
  3. Then you may enter values for each of the pet data fields by touching the field you would like to change.
  4. Once a pet has been added you may add Medical entries and Event entries for the pet.
Tips for New Users
  1. Remember to Backup your data and copy it to your desktop computer using iTunes File Sharing feature for safe keeping.
  2. Be sure to review the other configurable settings to help improve your experience using AutoLog to manage your cars.
  3. To upgrade to a new iOS device, connect your old device to your computer and allow iTunes to perform a complete backup before connecting your new device. Then connect your new device and DO NOT install it as a new device. Restore the backup that was just created. This will restore all of the from your old device to the new device.

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