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  • DateFinder

    iOS Paid App

    DateFinder is a simple app designed with planning in mind. Yet, it is an essential app for anyone interested in quickly projecting an end date based upon a start date and the duration. For example, start on March 24th with a duration of 25 weeks... the end date is September 15. It's that simple!

  • DateFinderLE

    iOS Free App

    Try the Lite version, DateFinder LE, it's free and has all of the functionality of it's big sister, except that it displays iAds. If find the App to be useful and you want an iAd free experience you may purchase DateFinder at a later time.

"The easiest way to calculate an end date."

If you are tired of counting up days or weeks on a calendar, then DateFinder is the App for you!

With DateFinder you will be able to enter the start date, the number of weeks or days for the duration and voilĂ  the end date is calculated and displayed. You can also quickly analyze alternatives by simply changing the duration.

DateFinder App Design

DateFinder is designed to simplify the task of calculating an end date for any task or activity. The interface is just as simple. There are no complex controls to remember. The date always defaults to the current date and you simply need to enter a duration to get a quick answer. Change the start date and/or duration as desired in any order and the new end date is instantly displayed.

The app was designed primarily to simplied the recording and tracking of all of your pet's health related information. It also allows you to keep this information at your finger tips for quick reference when answering any health related questions about your pet.

It is just that simple! You will be left wondering how you manage to get by without the help of DateFinder.

DateFinder Key Features

  • Start date defaults to the current date.
  • Dates may be entered in one of three formats:
    • 03-23-2014
    • 03/23/2014
    • 03232014
  • Entering a date in the wrong format simply defaults the date to the current date.
  • Enter a during.
  • Duration increment defaults to Weeks; touch to toggle between Weeks and Days.

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